DAF 600 passenger car 50 years on the road

February 7, 1958 the official date of the launch  of the DAF 600 passenger car.

This is a small photographic tribute to all the brave man of this mission impossible project. Huub v Doorne , Johan vd Brugghen, and many, many more. Most people don't realize what problems these engineers and workers had to solve in a very short period of time from scratch to a revolutionary fully automatic car.
They developed and tested a new 2 cylinder air-cooled engine, a chassis and body , and a new automatic transmission called the VARIOMATIC, further the facility to produce and assemble the body, engine, and transmission because there was no plant to make the car and components.

This all in less than 4 years, with no help of computers like modern car makers have                                                            As an automotive engineer I'm very impressed, and have a deeply respect for these workers.


Starting in 1956















Syria 1961














F e b r u a r y  1 9 5 8













DAF 600 in the USA

1959 NEW YORK April 07













The Dutch took the clutch out of the compact








1998 Los Angeles




1995 Hackensack NJ




2007  Vermont

Shift to DAF and you'll never shift again