340 brakes parts in the front of a 66, shocks from a 44.

adapter plate

caliber and rotor V 340


relocation adapter


Relocation master  66

Working on a new project: Brakes and hubs and disks from a V340 to mount Allow wheels with 4 holes More is coming soon.

The easy way.

Take front hubs from a V340, remove the disk, Take a DAF 55/66 brake disk. Here we have a small problem, the inner of a V340 disk = 69 mm, the inner of a DAF brake disk is 72, a spacer has to be made to get the brake disk centered to the hub. Drill for new holes in de DAF brake disk to bold it on the V340 hub.

In the rear, take the axle shaft with the 4 wheelbold from a early V340, remove the 3 bold axle shaft from the Daf and replace it by the V340 axle shaft.


Better performance way. but more complicated

Take the front hubs +brake disks from a later model V340. Take shocks from a Daf 44 and made an adapter plate to get the V340 brake caliper fit,


In the rear take a V340 rear axle and made it smaller, same width as a Daf 66 rear axle. The V340 rear axle has a negative camber.


Disc brakes in the rear for a DAF 66.  1989.