The  organizer and big motivator behind  all DAF owners in the US 

                BILL RADTKE   from   SANTA-ROSA  CA

Bill started with DAF's in 1980, as many others in the US he was involved in electric cars and became intrigued with the variable speed transmission.. His idea was to produce a kit car with the variomatic. Noel, a friend from the Netherlands shipped a beautiful 1967 low mileages  Daffodil to SF. The intention was to take the vehicle apart for the kit car project. At that time Bill, did not know about the Handy wagon project, and the Daf pony, both have a separate chassis, what also was his idea for a kit car. But after driving the Daffodil for a while, He got more and more intrigued with the  Car and the transmission.    

Bill was infected with the DAF virus. 

 Got  more and more DAFs.    A 1973 DAF 33, a 1972 DAF 33 pick up truck, a 1972 DAF 33 bestel, and a 1968 DAF 55 coupe. But it must be 4 years ago, Bill wanted a new challenge so one by one all  the DAF's found a new home. The Daffodil moved to Pacific Grove CA, the Coupe to Monterey CA, the Bestel to Kaz Wysocki in Hackensack NJ, the pick up truck to Mike Rhea in Tahoe City, and the green 33 to Jeff Santford in Provo UT. But Bill never fully recovered from the DAF virus so in 2001 Bill asked me for a DAF 66 station wagon. 


  The latest toy a 1975 DAF 66

   Golden Gate   2002

    Matt  55 secondary  repair

  Matt & Bill 1968 DAF 55 coupe

first DAF clinic  1988

1988 doing the pick up truck



    MATT        1988

   Lombard street  SF    1988

Bill  1988


That was the chapter Bill Radtke and his Dafs  in Santa Rosa.  1980 till 2003.

Shortly after his wife Lenore passed away, march 2003, Bill stopped with Dafs

Sold the Daf 66 station car, and his house in Santa-Rosa and moved to Cross Creek in Florida.

In this Heaven on Earth place he started again to write novels.

For more photo's see Fotoalbum daf - DAFs in the USA/Bill Radtke was Santa-Rosa


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