Hackensack NJ   the headquarter  of     DAF club USA




Daf 1964 Pick-up truck

KAZ and a 600

DAF 1975  YA 66 army jeep

Another " victim " of the Daf virus  is Kaz Wysocki. Just as Bill Radtke Kaz started with electric cars, became  intrigued with the variable transmission, and the Daf company . Kaz Wysocki is owner of a packing machine company  PMC and a machine shop which was also found on April the first 1928, exactly the same date as the van Doorne's started there business in Eindhoven Holland .                                       His first Daf was a Waterman Electric 44  .As member of many old timer clubs, and mayor of the town he has many sours, and very soon he got more and more Daf's from all over the US and the Netherlands. The YA 66 jeep. Very soon he ran out of storage space and decided to separate a part of his machine shop building for a real Daf' museum .                                 

The Daf museum  Hackensack NJ  USA

1974  DAF 46

Mary and the YA 66

Electric 46

Memorable is the low mileage ,only 800 km , 1974 Daf 46. Kaz got an offer from Waterman  Electric about an amount of air cooled Daf engines and the last Daf 46 which was not converted to electric. He and his wife Mary took a plane  to Athol Massachusetts close to the Canadian border. It was winter time and they had a  rough flight in a small commuter plane. After a blizzard the  airport was closed, so they decided  not to wait , and fired up the Daf 46 for the return trip.    On there way back lots of snow, freezing rain, and bitter cold temperatures .                              No problems, it's a DAF. 


        1969 DAF 55 coupe

        1972 DAF bestel

---------------------The Dutch took the clutch out off the compact---------------------

KAZ,  MATT,  BILL and Joe

Matt and the 33 bestel

Mary and Tony DAF museum


Matt   &    Kaz       1989



1966  DAF 44

a vario job

clutch job 1989



Matt doing a primary '88

Franklin Lakes NJ  1990    


Congratulations PMC with the 75 anniversary of the company


For more photos  Fotoalbum daf - DAFs in the USA/Kaz Wysocki