Bill Adams  1961 DAF 750 Long Island NY

Rodger Vise and his 1966         DAFFODIL

Jeff Sanford Provo UT  1973 DAF 33





2007 John de Bruin carshow                 Daf 600 Bob Durant from Bedford  New Hampshire

1962 Daffodil    Pismo Beach CA        

1971 DAF 33 Gea & Willem vd Ziel  1999  Showing  Matt Bill 

ex Elan Meijer Long Beach CA


1961 DAF 600

TWO oil coolers ??

Looks like dry sump system ??


Four DAF's 600 for sale  picture  1999 Westminster CA

Hollywood  FL

Jim Lubbeck  St Louis







Joe Boogen  NY city

Mr. Timken  1962


1968 Daf 55 coupe  ex Joe Guzaitis Monterey CA

1967 Daffodil  Mike Bainter  Pacific Grove CA

Mark Lizewskie  Pennsylvania  and his 1962 Daffodil

Recently this plane with DAF engine showed up in Florida



Pix of more Daf owners in the USA  Fotoalbum daf - DAFs in the USA